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Seniors Tours


We are honored to offer quality hotels, excellent food, transportation by modern A/C cars, expert team and expert guides, all at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Many seniors around the world share the same concerns about the high cost of vacations, we can provide you with the very best alternative holiday at a cost that you never thought possible.

Dear Friends 
We offer discounted package tours for seniors. Good rates are often available for senior vacations, and the package tour takes care of everything, including accommodations, tickets, travel, and itinerary

( It's fun to read trip itineraries and to enjoy all the beautiful photographs, but it's also important to carefully read the details and general information. What about the climate? Off-season rates may be a bargain, but the weather may not be so good. Decide which you prefer most--ideal weather or off-season bargains.)

· Be sure we’ll send you all information you need.

· Be sure we’ll make pre-arranged program subject to your wishes, your needs and your approval

· Our representative will have your interests at heart and will try to please you.

· Make sure your passport is up to date and valid.

· Find out if you will need any visas to enter the country.

· Check the financial section of your newspaper, they usually post exchange rates and checking in advance can give you an idea of how much you’ll need to budget.

· Do some research Customs to find out what you can take with you and what you may bring back.

· Egypt uses the metric system, so try to become familiar with this system. 1 kilometer = .62 miles so 100 kilometers per hour = 62 miles per hour

 Our tours have a great balance of sightseeing, entertainment and leisure time.

· you will find five star service without the five star prices. What sets us apart from others is that we include features we have found that will make your holiday a worry free and organized experience.

· you will enjoy the finest holiday available at a fair and affordable cost, An exciting vacation that is effortless, trouble-free and affords greater pleasure and peace of mind, you deserve.

· We create memories to last you a lifetime by insuring the holiday excitement is in the journey as well as the vacation destination.

thank you, for traveling with our agent

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