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Accessible and Disabled Tours

Disabled travelers’s guide to Egypt

      More importantly, perhaps, you should bring a companion with you. An escort is especially important since Cairo's traffic is chaotic and pavements are unsuitable for wheelchairs. Inside hotels and at archeological sites, however, the extreme friendliness of Egyptians, who are always willing to help, usually makes up for the lack in facilities. Here are some of the facilities offered by Egypt for disabled travelers.


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The first thing you need to know is what facilities are available at the airports. Things have improved over the years, and now both Cairo, Hurghada, Aswan, Luxor, Alexandria, Marsa Alam and New Valley airports are equipped with lifts to carry disabled travelers on and off the airplanes. Cairo airport is also equipped with ramps, elevators and toilets for the disabled. Both Luxor and Aswan airports are built on one level making it easy for wheelchair users to navigate.



You will find Buses especially equipped for the disabled sevices. Organized trips providing packages for the disabled, however, should make special arrangements.



Almost all five-star hotels have several rooms equipped for the disabled. Disabled-friendly rooms generally have wider doors and a layout that allow wheelchair maneuverability. Bathrooms should also be wheelchair-accessible with support bars (beside the shower and the toilet) and a roll in shower.

Some of  three and four-star hotels, however, are equipped for the disabled. The hotels feature ramps everywhere and a hard-sand beach that makes it easy for those in wheelchairs to access. (Beaches can generally be accessed with a click-and-go device: special wheels added to the wheelchair to make it possible to use on sand). Some hotels, which are not specifically equipped for disabled guests, might still be a good option. 


::Nile Cruises::

 The entire boats are disabled-friendly, and all corners of the boats, including the sun-deck, the ballrooms and the restaurants, are accessible by wheelchair.

 The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is now furnished with ramps and elevators, and medical care for the disabled. The Nubian Museum has been built according to the highest standards of disabled-friendly designs. The Giza plateau is accessible by bus from which tourists can view the Pyramids and the Sphinx. The citadel, the papyrus museum and Khan Al-Khalili are all accessible by wheelchair. Outside Cairo, most archeological sites are accessible, although there is always the possibility of being confronted with a situation where assistance might be needed, such as stairs or sandy areas. Disabled tourists can visit the High Dam, the granite quarries, and the Abu Simbel and Edfu temples in Aswan. The Philae Temple, however, remains unreachable by wheelchairs. In Luxor, tourists can similarly enjoy visits to Al- Karnak Temple, the Hatshepsut Temple and the Valley of the Kings. In the Valley of the Kings, however, some tombs are not accessible except by foot, and signs have been posted to mark them.


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