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Spirit Egypt

We encourage custom trip planning, and we’ll work with you to make your time with us as good as it can be. We’ve assembled a few sample itineraries, to help get you started.

Sample ItinerariesPlease note that we can arrange with you any itinerary subject to your budget, just Contact Us














Khem means (Egypt), which means the ‘black land’. This didn’t mean that the people were black, or that they had anything to do with dark, or black practices – it meant quite simply that the land – the earth itself – was black, because the soil was enriched and fertile from the annual flooding of the river Nile.

The ancients (all over the world) built many powerful and enigmatic structures, utilizing the elements from their environment, combining them with the energy naturally emanating from the earth’s ley lines, and constructed them in a fabric of sacred geometry reflecting the very cosmology and energetic make-up of our holographic universe. This was not the work of an unintelligent or unevolved societies!

The Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx (who we call Tefnut) are far more ancient than our text books tell us! The ancient pyramids were not created to be tombs! 
The pyramids, temples and monuments were originally built and used as Energy Devices for transmitting and receiving energy and/or signals, as consciousness raising devices, and possibly as interdimensional or inter-galactic communication or traveling devices.. A complex architecture of of the natural elements of energetic rock, combined with the frequencies of sound, and varying temperatures of running water, all effectively worked together to generate power. The various Pyramid, or Per Neter complexes here were networked in a dynamic design of underground tunnels and shafts implying an even wider scope of purpose and capability.

We surmise that their technologies must have often utilized frequency, rather than machining or tools, which is also indicative of a supeior intelligence. Our research shows that the ancients had the knowledge and ability to change the consistency or molecular structure of matter itself—and therefore, many of our questions and arguments about construction methods and gravity become mute?

The knowledge of the manipulation of frequency and resonance could have vast implications for us today! Our present day earth and its inhabitants have been gravely endangered by our own synthetic technologies—including volatile nuclear power plants. If we could completely understand and unveil the knowledge that the Khemitians possessed of free and natural generation of energy, the corruption inspired by a world economy based on oil and the ravaging of our planet could end. It would initiate an amazing New Dawn of existence and hope for us all.


What does spiritual mean?

That which relates to your Soul. Your Soul is with intent and with an aim to earth incarnated. The purpose of this life that you live in accordance with the intentions of your soul.

A spiritual man asks his awareness of your emotions, but also of your intentions of your soul and taking responsibility for your choices.


How can you grow spiritually?

This can become aware of your emotions, intentions and actions. The experience and feel of emotions can be a difficult and painful process. Yet the painful emotions emotions par excellence that can help you to grow. They challenge you to heal and to tap your full potential.

When your personal & emotional problems, this does not solve your spiritual development in the way. In other words your spiritual development goes hand in hand with your personal development.

The focus of the tours that Caroline and her colleagues organized, lies on Awareness, Consciousness, Perception and healing. There are trips that are more consistent with the personal development and more on the spiritual development and work with the "unseen" world, such as Guides, Angels, Gods & Goddesses.




(Spirit Egypt 1)

13 Days : Cairo / Luxor / Abydos / Dendera / Karnak / Nile Cruise Ex. Luxor

Day 1 - Cairo

A transfer representative will meet you at the airport to assist you with entry formalities, and escort you to the luxurious 5- Star Mercure Hotel, less than 5 minutes from the Giza Plateau. We will enjoy a relaxing Welcome Dinner in the early evening and gather together afterwards for introductions and more! Overnight Mercure Hotel (D)




Day 2 -  Dashur & Saqqara

After an early breakfast we‘ll leave in our air conditioned motor coach to the ancient site of Dashur where we will visit the Red and Bent Pyramids, attributed to the King Sneferu. It is no accident that the title Sneferu translates as ―double harmony‖ and refers to the different tones of frequency that these pyramids vibrate with. We will collectively awaken and activate the energies of the Red Pyramid when we enter the resonance chambers within, with their corbelled walls that were built for harmonics. We will talk about why and how the dynamic design of these pyramid complexes was significant as we explore the area around the Bent Pyramid, known to the locals as the “healing pyramid”. After we enjoy an Egyptian style lunch at a local restaurant, we will depart for Saqqara, home of the Step Pyramidattributed to King Zjoser. We will experience the still active healing energies of the ancient “Hospital” at this site and experience the balancing of the sacred feminine and masculine energies. Yousef will lead us on an exploration of the area that surrounds the Pyramid of Unas, which contains all the elements of ancient ―Per Neters‖ or energy devices. Here we will have the opportunity to view the beautiful Pyramid Texts, mystical and magical incantations created during the Old Kingdom. We will have the opportunity to visit the newly opened ―Tomb of Maya‖ where you will see a ceiling that depicts artwork that is eerily similar to that of the ancient Mayans. after which we‘ll return back to theMercure Hotel for an evening on your own. (B,L)



Day 3 - Giza Pyramids & Sphinx

After an early breakfast, your motor coach will bring you to the famous Giza Plateau. Experience the magnificence of these powerful monuments and see for yourself, the anomalies that confirm that they are far more ancient then text books suggest, and were never created to be tombs! You will have the opportunity to ride a camel starting from the top of the Plateau, where you will enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the Pyramids, to the Sphinx, who the indigenous callTefnut. Next, we will explore the very ancient Valley Temple, with its alabaster floor and huge, intricately laid blocks. We will discuss how and why this Temple was built to withstand major vibrational shifts. Afterwards we‘ll enjoy lunch together, at our favorite restaurant in the village, 
and visit the Awyan home at the base of the Giza Plateau.

This evening we will be treated to a lecture presented by Santos Bonacci. (Details to be announced soon!) OvernightMercure Hotel (B,L)



Day 4 - Egyptian Museum, Abu Sir & Abu Ghurob

After your buffet breakfast, we will visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where some of Egypt‘s most acclaimed treasures can be viewed.You will see many amazing artifacts collected from sites all over Egypt, including the gold sarcophagus & jewelry on display at the King Tut Exhibit.

We will point out the Schist Disk, made famous by Hakim‘s observation that it is clearly evidence of the superior technology of the ancient Khemitians. You will have the opportunity to explore the museum on your own, if you choose, before we depart for our lunch together.


Abu Sir & Abu Ghurob

After lunch, we will drive to the Awyan home, from where we will leave in taxis to the amazing sites of Abu Sir andAbu Ghurob. Abu Sir, whose ancient name was Per-Wsir (Bu Wizzer) or ―Place of Auser (Osiris)‖, with its seven pyramids reflecting the Pleiades, is strewn with amazing anomalies. Yousef will lead us on an investigation of this site—pointing out the many ―smoking guns‖ that defy logic, and confirm that the ancient Khemitians used superior technologies 10,500 -50,000 years ago---or more.

We will discuss several theories on what alchemical purpose the giant alabaster basins with strange gear-like designs found at Abu Ghurob may have been used for. Egyptologists call this the place of the Sun Temple, however, the indigenous claim Abu Ghurob may be the most ancient ceremonial site on the planet! Our afternoon will culminate with a sunset meditation around the giant calcite crystal “Hotep” that Hakim suggested was an ancient landing pad for inter-dimensional or intergalactic journeying. Yes, this was/is an ancient vortex or Stargate! This crystal platform, with its sacred geometrical design, creates a harmonic resonance achieved by means of sound vibrations to raise levels of awareness. Our Taxi‘s will drive us back to the hotel for an evening on your own. Overnight Mercure Hotel (B, L, D)


Day 5 - Valley of the Kings, Ramesseum & Medinet Habu Temple  After breakfast, we will fly to Luxor, in Upper Egypt and check into the deluxe Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort
situated on its own private island, surrounded by the majestic Nile River. This afternoon we will explore the sites on the West Bank. First we will visit the Valley of the Kings where we will view some of the ancient tombs filled with beautifully symbolic artwork. Afterwards, we go to the Ramesseum, the mortuary temple of Ramses II, where you will see the incredible remnants of huge megalithic monuments. After a stop at the Colossi of Memnon, we‘re off to the mystical Medinet Habu Temple, which lies next to the very sacred mound from which, according to the Hermopolis creation myth, the original Ogdoad or eight Creator Neteru, (Gods and Goddesses) are said to have sprung into existence from the primordial waters. Your evening will be free. OvernightMaritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (B )




Day 6 -  Abydos and Dendera

 After an early breakfast we will embark via motor coach on a journey north to the ancient pilgrimage site of Abydos and the Temple of Seti I, dedicated to Osiris (Ausar), the consort of Isis (Auset), associated with Orion and the divine masculine principle. He represented the male creative force and was known as ―Lord of the Duat‖. Beautiful images that are multi-dimensionally symbolic cover the walls of this magical temple.

Behind the Temple of Osiris sits the very ancient Osirieon Temple, which may have been built more than 50,000 years ago, according to the indigenous tradition. Although, there is no writing on the temple walls, there are several Flower of Life symbols found perfectly etched on the giant pillars. Many stories have been told of the miraculous healing properties of the water that has risen to surround the pillars of this lower temple.

We will walk a short distance to the Temple of Ramses II, also filled with an array of beautifully symbolic images. The Holy of Holy‘s that we will visit here was encased in a chamber made of the very energetic alabaster crystal! We will enjoy boxed lunches, made for us by our Hotel, at the outdoor cafe here.


Dendera Our next stop is the fascinating Temple of Hathor at Dendera. Star maps depicted on the ceilings in this temple, and the replica of famous Dendera Zodiac (the original is displayed at the Louvre in Paris) point to the ancient origins of astrology and superior knowledge of our cosmos. Hathor (Het-Hert), the Netert who personified motherhood, beauty, sexuality, love, joy, harmony, dance and music was often associated with the planet, Venus. She was known as the Lady of the Stars, and also represented the nurturing solar food of the Sun‘s rays, required for birth, growth and renewal. There are many mysteries to be uncovered and experienced at Dendera, which we will point out and discuss as we explore the temple and crypt below. Historians still can‘t agree on what the fascinating images (possibly of advanced technologies) found in the crypt represent. We will have free time for dinner and an evening on our own. Overnight Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort (B, L)

Optional evening activities while in Luxor include shopping at the souks and bazaars, visiting the Luxor Museum, fellucca sailing or exploring the treasures that Luxor (ancient Thebes) has to offer on your own! You will also have the opportunity to enjoy an optional Hot Air Balloon ride over the West Bank.



Day 7 - Karnak and Luxor Temples

 One can never have enough time to fully explore all the riches of Karnak, the world‘s largest temple, where we will spend the entire morning after an early breakfast. An avenue of ram-headed sphinxes leads us into the gigantic complex, on our special Sunrise Visit, that includes temples dedicated to Amun, a Neter representing an aspect or stage of the Sun andKhonsu, who represents the Moon.

The powerful sacred geometric design and natural elements of the architecture itself has the ability to transform and raise levels of awareness and consciousness as you walk through this temple..

Sacred Initiation occurs when we discover ourselves as we experience the universal reality that surrounds us. We increase our levels of awareness and frequency when we can, with positive and heartfelt intentions, integrate or compress an outside source of ignited light based energy and direct it inward (implosion) We will visit the powerful Chapel of Sekhmet, the Netert who represents the potent and sometimes destructive energies of the sun. Sekhmet personifies the solar rays that provide the electromagnetic energy required to sustain life and the earth‘s grid. As the lioness, she symbolizes the powerful and fierce, yet protective love, akin to that of any mother. Sekhem , means ―power‖ and Sekhmet is the electrical spark that provides the necessary energy to perform what we have been told are mystical, magical and powerful feats, including the healing of the physical body Be prepared to experience a morning you will never forget! Afterwards, we will check into our rooms on our 5-star cruise ship, and enjoy a buffet lunch served onboard.


Luxor Temple Linked to Karnak Temple by the Avenue of SphinxesLuxor Temple utilizes similar patterns of sacred geometry in its design. You will explore the mysteries of the enigmatic Luxor Temple after dinner on the cruise ship. After 15 years of intense study, Alchemist, R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz, called the Luxor Temple, “The Temple of Man” , in a book in which explored the connectedness of ancient Egyptian philosophy, spirituality, mathematics, and science. Lubicz‘s theory that theLuxor Temple was designed to replicate all aspects of Man (body, mind and spirit), is well documented and has gained support from many Alternative Egyptologists, such as John Anthony West.

The rest of your evening is free. Nile Cruise (B, L, D)



Day 8 :

 Nile Cruise After our buffet breakfast onboard, your morning is free. We set sail on our spectacular Cruise on the Nile as we enjoy lunch together. An almost surreal experience… Enjoy viewing the lush countryside and life along the river‘s banks, much of which appears the same as it may have thousands of years ago!

Late afternoon lecture with Santos Bonacci. (Details to be announced soon!)

Nile Cruise (B, L, D)




Day 9 - Edfu and Kom Ombo Temples  We will arrive in Edfu after breakfast. Horse drawn carriages will carry us to the remarkable temple dedicated to the falcon Neter, Horus, one of the most well preserved temples in Egypt. This temple of many mysteries was built during Ptolemaic times on top of a far more ancient Temple of Horus. Carved upon the walls here, is one of the most unique and enigmatic mythological sagas to be found in Egypt – Zep Tepi, or ―the first time‖, referring to a mythological golden age when the Neteru lived amongst humanity together with the half-divine offspring of Neteru and humans. The indigenous tradition teaches that this is a mis-leading retelling of the history of the golden ―Age of Aten‖ when all human beings were gifted with 360 senses, or what we inadvertently, might consider to be the miraculous abilities of ―"gods" After an afternoon of sailing we will stop in Kom Ombo, where we‘ll visit the twin temples dedicated to the crocodile Neter,Sobek and to Horus, the Elder. We will discuss the aspects of nature and our cosmos represented by the Neteru and how they relate to awakening our senses and raising our levels of awareness. We will speak of the powerful initiations that were once practiced here, and how we can tap into the profound and self empowering lessons experienced here by the ancients. You will also have the opportunity to view depictions of various medical instruments and alchemical healing practices.

Overnight Nile Cruise (B, L, D)



Day 10 - Temple of Khnum at Elephantine Island This morning

 we‘re off to Elephantine Island, in Aswan, to explore the temple dedicated to the creator Neter, Khnum, with its many remnants displaying the superior technologies of pre-dynastic times. Two museums here offer an eclectic and unique array of artifacts found in the area. Lunch and dinner will be served onboard the cruise ship. Our afternoon and evening will be free to enjoy a wide variety of optional activities, that include a visit to a Nubian Village, a group visit to the Aswan Souks for a little shopping therapy, or sailing the Nile on a Felucca. Nile Cruise (B, L, D)


Day 11 - Unfinished Obelisk and Temple of Isis at Philae 

After breakfast, we will explore the famous Aswan quarry that is home to the 1,200 ton Unfinished Obelisk, that only a handful of cranes worldwide could lift today, and other significant evidence of higher technologies used by the ancient Khemitians.


Temple of Isis at Philae Next we will take a motorboat to the enchanting Island of Philae, and the powerful Temple of Auset (Isis)Ausetrepresents the ancients‘ most highly revered star, Sirius. The annual rising of Sirius was synonymous with the flooding of the River Nile, which left huge deposits of silt, the very valuable black earth or ―KMT‖ (Khemit) for which Egypt was named. Auset as Sirius symbolized fertility, and therefore wealth and abundance, to the land and people of Khemit. Auset is the Netert of Creation of all living things and represented the archetype for the creation of matter- from which our word for ―mother‖ is derived. She is usually depicted wearing the throne, or ―seat of power‖, reflecting the matriarchal nature of the very ancient civilization where kingship was passed down through the female lineage. After sharing some of the highlights of this Temple together, you will have time to explore the captivating wonders of this temple on your own. In the Evening we fly to Cairo and check into the Pyramid Park Resort Hotel. (B)
October 25th






Day 12 - Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid

After breakfast, we will return to the Giza Plateau for a final day of surprises and adventures, 
which will include entry into the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid.

granite of the chamber walls and “resonance box” for a group sound activation.

Optional private time between the Paws of the Sphinx! 
(Please inquire about this option when you register for the tour)

We will take our time to explore some of our favorite and special areas on the Giza Plateau, including some of the tunnels, rooms and shafts in the area‘s huge subterranean network! Plan to spend the afternoon with the Awyans, or enjoy a free afternoon on your own.

Tonight we will share a Farewell Dinner together. Overnight Mercure Hotel (B, D)



Day 13

Following breakfast we drive to Cairo Airport for final departure. (B)

Price Per Person, Double Occupancy: $3,144.00

                                                               Optional Single Room Supplement: $ 425.00                                                                     




Package Includes:

1. Airport/hotel roundtrip transfers

2. Flights in Egypt: Cairo/Luxor and Aswan/Cairo

3. Five-Star hotels in Giza and Luxor, including daily buffet breakfast, hotel taxes and service charges 

4. Five-Star Cruise ship, including shore excursions, and all meals

5. Meals included when not on the cruise: 4 lunches, 2 dinners

6. Baggage handling at airport and hotels 

7. Pre-paid gratuities for your cruise staff

8. Visits to the temples and pyramid sites, including transportation and entrance fees.

9. Yousef and Patricia Awyan, who will serve as your hosts, speakers and tour directors.

10. Special Guest Speaker Santos Bonacci

11. Mohamed Ibrahim as your Egyptologist Tour Guide and Tour Director.

12. 2 Small Bottles of waters per day in Cairo

13. Snacks and Fruits during trips in Cairo



Roundtrip international airfares (We will be happy to help you book your airfare)

Egypt Tourist Visa (Easily obtainable for most travelers, on arrival, at Cairo International Airport for $15.00 USD)

-Travel & Health Insurance

- Meals not included, as indicated in the itinerary

- Personal items such as laundry, beverages during meals, internet service and telephone calls 
   or any item not listed on the itinerary.

- General tipping... hotel and drivers

- Tipping for tour guide









(Spirit Egypt 2)

12 Days : Cairo / Nile Cruise Ex. Aswan / Luxor / Cairo

Day 01 :  Cairo

Arrive at Cairo International Airport, where our tour coordinator will assist us with all customs and visa formalities. Transfer by air-conditioned vehicle to Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel in Giza and check in.  Welcome/Get Acquainted Dinner at hotel.  (Dinner included)


Day 02:  Cairo After breakfast at the hotel we will go to the Giza Plateau to visit the Queen Pyramid and the Solar Boat Museum, and enjoy a camel ride in the desert behind the pyramids.

We will stop for lunch at a local restaurant and we will visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, exhibiting over 120,000 objects in its 107 halls; it comprises the world’s greatest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts. Marvel at the many rooms filled with golden treasures extracted from the world-famous tomb of boy king, Tutankhamen.
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)


Day 03:  Cairo

After buffet breakfast at hotel we will visit stepped pyramid of Sakkara, built by the high priest, architect, physician and magus, Imhotep. Sakkara is said to be the oldest known of Egypt’s 107 pyramids. Although the original structure was a burial chamber 28 meters underground, Imhotep enlarged it several times to eventually reach a six tiered rectangle 60 meters high.  Sakkara seems to have been the first area where limestone was employed, not only for the outer casing of the pyramid but also to cover interior walls.

We will also visit the newly opened Imhotep Museum, which houses rare and mysterious artifacts from the Old Kingdom capital of Memphis.  We will do a group meditation in the area just outside of the temple complex, to set the intentions for building the "new world".  

We will then enjoy lunch at the oasis-like Sakkara Palm Club which has an amazing view of the stepped pyramid and Saqqara village. After lunch, a visit to the Dashur and Medun Pyramids, followed by a visit to one of the village carpet schools famous for its silken weavings and traditional handicrafts.  

Dinner and Overnight at the hotel.  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)


Day 04:  CairoAfter breakfast a morning visits to a Perfume Palace and Papyrus Gallery then return to the hotel.  Afternoon visit to Coptic Cairo and the Citadel. Enjoy shopping and window shopping in the area.

Dinner and Overnight at the hotel.  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)

Day 05:  Aswan, Cruise

After breakfast we will fly to Aswan and transfer to our Cruise Ship.  Have lunch on board ship. You will visit the High Dam, the Granite Quarries with the Unfinished Obelisk and the Temple of Philae; view of Kitchener's Island Botanical Garden and the Agha Khan Mausoleum by Felucca. Then sail to Edfu and overnight.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)


Day  06:  Edfu, Luxor

Today we experience Kom Ombo where you will visit the Ptolemaic Temple of Sobek & Haroeries. We visit the Temple of Horus, the falcon-god, (237 B.C.) considered the best-preserved temple in Ancient Egypt and the second largest after the Temple of Karnak. Sail to Esna, passing through Esna Lock, and continue sailing towards Luxor and overnight.

(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)



Day  07:  Luxor

Visit the West Bank Necropolis including the Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens, the Funerary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El Bahari and the Colossi of Memnon.

Evening optional Sound & Light Show at the Karnak Temple.  Overnight in Luxor.




Day  08:  Luxor

After breakfast, transfer by motor boat and visit Karnak and Luxor Temples, a centuries-old city of pylons, hypostyle halls, colossal statues, shrines and obelisks. Disembarkation and transfer to your hotel for dinner and overnight. 
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)



Day  09:  Luxor

Breakfast at the hotel and then we visit Dendera & Abydos (Box lunch provided).

EARLY wake-up call for our 2 hour drive to Dendera to visit the beautifulPtolemaic Temple dedicated to Hathor, Goddess of beauty, love, music, and astrology. In her chapel of the New Year, dedicated to the star Sirius, we will see one of the most beautiful depictions of the sky Goddess Nut, the Galactic Mother.

Inscriptions at Dendera speak of the original site being built at a time "when the gods walked on Earth", and Dendera housed one of the most important healing centers of ancient Egypt. We also have time to explore the initiation crypts and tunnels beneath the temple.

We then continue on to the Temple of Seti I at Abydos, the "mecca" of ancient Egypt and the necropolis for pre-dynastic kings and Pharaohs dating back to the fourth millennium BC. This magnificent 19th Dynasty Temple has some of the most exquisite artwork in all of Egypt. Abydos is the site of the enigmatic monument, known as the Osirion.

Overnight at the hotel.  (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)



Day 10:  Luxor, Cairo

Free morning to explore Luxor, check out 12.30PM: We transfer to Luxor Airport for Cairo to connect with our afternoon flight.

Upon arrival in Cairo we will transfer by air-conditioned coach to the hotel, check-in at our hotel Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel.  (Breakfast and Dinner included)



Day  11:  Cairo

Pre-dawn wake-up call for special Private tour and initiation time inside Great Pyramid, the Kings Chamber and the paws of the Sphinx.

Free afternoon to explore the Giza plateau.  Farewell dinner and overnight at the hotel
6.00PM.  Optional Sound and Light Show.
(Breakfast and Dinner included)



Day  12:  Departure

Check-out of hotel and transfer to Cairo International Airport grateful for all that we experienced.



·         Tour the incredible Cairo Museum.

·         The Great Pyramid inside and out, with private tour inside the king's chamber.

·         Coptic Cairo.

·         Initiation in the Great Sphinx enclosure.

·         Walk in the energy field at Abu Ghurob.

·         Saqqara and the hidden texts of the afterlife. 

·         In depth exploration of Abydos, the Gate of the Gods.

·         The Osirion, the Temple of Time. (Closed at this time)

·         Denderah, the gate of the Hathors.

·         The Temple of Man at Luxor.

·         The Temple of Horus at Edfu.

·         The Temple of Isis at Philae under a blanket of stars.










(Spirit Egypt 3)

16 Days Cairo/Sakkara/Pyramids/Abu Simble/7Days Nile CruiseAswan to Luxor




Day One 
On your arrival at Cairo International Airport, you will be met inside the airport by our representative who will assist you.  Then you will be transferred to your Hotel.  After your arrival you will be free to relax. 

Day Two
Today we will set off early in the morning to the Old Kingdom Necropolis of Saqqara to visit the Sakkara site which is known as the oldest Step Pyramid in Egypt.   This pyramid was built in the 3rd dynasty by Pharaoh Djoser (one of the only ones  used as a tomb).  We have organised private access to the Pyramid Unas the earliest pyramid texts were found here, giving us the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Here we will honour the afterlife journey of those who are buried in this necropolis.  In the afternoon we will visit the famous Egyptian Museum and then return to our hotel

Day Three
Today we will set off early in the morning to the Old Kingdom Necropolis of Saqqara to visit the Sakkara site which is known as the oldest Step Pyramid in Egypt.   This pyramid was built in the 3rd dynasty by Pharaoh Djoser (one of the only ones  used as a tomb).  We have organised private access to the Pyramid Unas the earliest pyramid texts were found here, giving us the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Here we will honour the afterlife journey of those who are buried in this necropolis.  
In the afternoon we will visit the famous Egyptian Museum and then return to our hotel.  


 Day Four 
We will transfer to Cairo Domestic Airport for a flight to Abu Simbel.  Check into the Hotel on the banks of Lake Nasser then we are off to visit the incredible Abu Simbel Temple to connect with the sun God Ra.  This Temple was hewn out of a mountain for Ramses II and later partially submerged in the lake. It was transferred to higher ground in a modern engineering marvel. In the evening we will enjoy a Sound and Light Show at the Abu Simbel Temple, through the light show you can glimpse back in time to see, feel, and imagine Ancient Egypt.  The temple is enhanced through a combination of coloured lighting, projected images and lasers making it an amazing sight


Day Five
In the morning we will fly from Abu Simbel to Aswan. On our arrival in Aswan, a beautiful town on the border of Sudan, we will be transferred on to the cruise ship 5 star six night cruise. After lunch we will sail down the Nile to Kom Ombo Temple. It is a complex that has two temples, one the “House of the Crocodile” dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile God and the  “Castle of Falcon” dedicated to the God Haroeris was often known as Horus the falcon – headed God. Again we will spend time working with the energies of these two deities. 

Day Six 
After breakfast we visit Karnak Temple for an incredibly powerful meditation and perform a ritual in Sekhmet Chapel. (This is closed to the general public and we have obtained private access to this sacred Sekhmet Chapel.) Sekhmet is the goddess of war and destruction but also the goddess of healing.   Watch the Black Granite Statue of Sekhmet as she seems to really breathe and smile… many strange things happen here. We then return to the boat for lunch .
Following lunch on the boat, we visit Luxor Temple often called the “Temple of Man” which is situated on the East bank and has often been described as the world’s open air museum. Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Day Seven
After breakfast we depart by coach through the countryside to visit Abydos Temple one of the most spellbinding spots in Egypt and the only place that contains the “Flower of Life” on the temple walls.  When you meditate by the Sacred Pool it is said to have miraculous powers. Abydos temple dates to 3150 BC and is sacred to Osiris and believed to a powerful location to those who believed in the afterlife.  The Egyptians who saw  this area at sunset reported it looked like a golden staircase in the next world. It is said that Osiris returned to life at Abydos where Isis restored his head.
We will be working with the energies, and meditating, in the Chapels of Isis and Osiris.  Abydos is the temple that was made famous by the book and film “In Search of  Omm Sety”.  Once again back to the boat for dinner and overnight in Luxor.  Meals Included:  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Day Eight
Late afternoon we go by coach for a PRIVATE sunset visit to Denderah Temple.  The temple of Hathor is dedicated to the goddess of love and joy, with its beautifully preserved painting of the sky and zodiac. The Chapel of the New Year, it depicts Nut swallowing the moon and giving birth to the sun, and its rays give form to Hathor.
At Denderah, the birth houses were devoted to cult worship of the marriage of Amun and Hathor and the birth of their divine son Horus.  Here we will experience the revitalization of Hathor within the forest-like temple of Denderah. We will also have a special visit to an underground crypt allowing us time to meditate in this special place has been  


Day Nine
Today will start with an early visit to the Necropolis of Thebes on the West Bank of the Nile, here we visit the Valley of the Kings, where we will have the opportunity to meditate in one of the tombs; to meet Anubis, the Great Protector God and God of The Dead. We will then visit the Temple of Madinet Habu which is largest temple in Western Thebes and one of the best preserved. It was the funerary temple for Ramses III. Next we visit the Colossi of Mammon which once guarded the entrance to the Mortuary temple of the 18 Dynasty Pharaoh Amenhotep.  Tonight we will enjoy a Galabaya Party plus a belly dancing show. Meals included Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Day Ten
We will continue sailing to Edfu, where after breakfast we visit Edfu Temple which is one of best preserved temples and examples of  Ptolemaic art in Egypt.  This temple is dedicated to the warrior god Horus, the solar god with the energy of the hawk.  This sacred place allows us to open our psychic abilities and continue working with the energies of this mystical spiritual temple. We finally return to the boat after a very special day connecting with the deities. Meals



Day Eleven
We disembark from our cruise After breakfast Check-out and transfer to the Pyramisa Isis Island Hotel. In the afternoon you will take a relaxing felucca ride around the Elephantine Island following a visit to the Nubian Museum which houses exhibits monuments that are unique to this area. 
In the evening we will transfer by bus and small boat to the Temple of Isis at Philae for a magical experience of the Sound and Light Show lights are silhouetted against the volcanic rocks and surrounding waters, creating a mysterious atmosphere helping us to understand the history of Isis and to help to prepare for Isis initiation in the morning.  We then return to our hotel for dinner and overnight accommodation. 


 Day Twelve
Early morning – about 5 am – we will return to have a very PRIVATE visit to Philae Isis Temple.  We will meditate in the Holy of Holies (the Inner Temple) plus have a ceremony celebrating the Spring equinox.  Also time will be given for you to send healing energies out to family and friends as this temple has been known as a place of miracles for thousands of years.
After our early morning visit to the Temple of Isis we have the rest of the day free to relax and enjoy Aswan.  Perhaps you just need time out to relax by the pool or explore the souk (market) full of the scent and colour of spices, perfumes, scarves and baskets.  Or visit The Cataracts Hotel which was built in 1899, people have quoted that when you walk into it, it is like stepping back in time.  This was the hotel depicted in the movie “Death on the Nile” by Agatha Christie.  You could treat yourself to a cocktail on the terrace watching the sun going down over the Nile.  This day allows you to integrate the sights, sounds of Egypt. Meals included Breakfast and Dinner


Day Thirteen
After breakfast we checkout of our hotel to transfer to Aswan Domestic for our flight to Cairo and return to a hotel at the pyramids area.   Then in the afternoon is free to relax or shopping or personal sightseeing. Meals Included:  Breakfast and Dinner


Day Fourteen
After breakfast we depart to visit Old Cairo.  The area is known to the Egyptians as Masr dl-Quadima but is often called Coptic Cairo.  While we are here we will visit the Citadel and churches that are associated with Mary, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We will explore the connections between Coptic Christianity which inherited many features of the ancient Egyptian traditions before Islam was established in Egypt.  Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner


Day Fifteen
Our final day in Egypt is the culmination of all our spiritual experiences throughout our journey.  Our special private visit to the Great Pyramid will involve a final ceremony in the King’s Chamber, allowing us to integrate our personal experiences we have encountered on our spiritual journey through Egypt. The rest of the day we have a chance to relax just assimilate all the experiences of your once in a life time visit to the Egypt. Or personal shopping, we then meet for lunch in a local restaurant.   Tonight we will enjoy our final Farewell Dinner together.Meals Included:  Breakfast and Dinner


Day Sixteen
We will depart to the airport for our flights back home. Meals Included: Breakfast




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